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How much does critviz cost?

Why isn't CritViz free?

CritViz was created and is run entirely by a group of professors who use it every day in their classrooms. Our goal is to create a tool that delivers value for students and teachers. (If administrators and investors like it too, that's nice). We continually elicit feedback from enthusiastic users and make changes when we think it will create a better tool. We feel that "better" is best measured not by how much user time, activity, and attention we can capture, but by how engaged students are with difficult concepts, and how empowered professors are to create powerful learning experience. If CritViz were free, it would mean that value would need to be created primarily for someone else (typically advertisers) and so the users of CritViz would become the "product" being sold. We aim to simply pass along costs of running the service (bandwith and storage) directly to those who find value in using it (students and teachers). You will never see an advertisement on CritViz, and we will protect your data (and meta-data) with great care.