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How do I create a new class?

To create a new class, you must first have a working CritViz account. Once logged in, you may see a screen like this:

The green button "Create a new class" will make a new CritViz "course" and add you as a member of the course with the role of "instructor". The instructor of the course owns the course and has special privileges to add and remove users, and create assignments and critique assignments.

To finalize the creation of the course, you are asked to fill in certain information about the course, all of which can be later modified if you wish.

"Title" is the title of your course that will appear at the top of almost every page. Here for instance I entered "AME 294 Intro to Interactive Environments". This title appears on every page above the main navigation bar.

"Subtitle" is a very short second line used below the course title. It can be anything you like, but I often put in the semester and year.  See above I put in "Fall 2015". This also appears on every page.

"Short Name" is used internally for URL's and navigation buttons. I would put "AME294".

"Description" is used within the "course" page (the first button in the navigation bar). I use it to provide a short description of my course, as well as a handy place to provide links to my syllabus and other resources. Here is a screen grab of my "Course" page: Everything below the two buttons is the "Description". This can be changed at any time by the instructor.