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How do I create an assignment?

CritViz allows instructors to create “assignments” for the students to complete. These assignments have various instructor defined settings, such as deadlines, a description, questions, and privacy settings. Assignments must contain a description (written by the instructor) and at least one “question” (Question is the term we use for a specific element of the assignment to be completed). Assignments can contain multiple questions, and there are multiple question “types”. The simplest question is a “text” question, meaning it requires a text response. Another type of question is “file”, which requires the student to upload a file in response to the question. There is no file size limitation on a “file” question, and it’s not uncommon for an instructor to, for example, require students to upload videos, pdf’s, word documents, photographs, or sound files. CritViz can easily accept files that are in the hundreds of megabytes.