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How do I enroll my students in a class?

There are three ways to add students to your CritViz course. The easiest way to add lots of students is to turn on "Open Enrollment" which generates an "Enrollment Code" which you can then email to your students. Students then use this code to enroll themselves in the course. To turn on open enrollment, find the "Edit Course Information" button in the "Course" tab which brings up the course information edit screen. 

At the very bottom of this "Edit Course Information" screen is a drop down menu called "course state" which allows the instructor to set enrollment to "open" or "closed". If enrollment is set to "open", the enrollment code will appear on the course tab. Enrollment can be opened and closed at any time by the instructor, so you can turn off the enroll code at any time. When enrollment is closed, you can still manually add users.

Instructors or Assistants can manually add students to the class in two ways. These are accessed by clicking on the "Add User" button found in the course tab.

On this page there are two methods for adding users. You can manually add a user one at a time, or batch add a whole group by uploading a text file with their names and email addresses.

Manually Adding Users: Enter a users first name, last name, email address and user role and click the "Add" button. This method can be used to add Students, Assistants, or even other Instructors. If you add a student using this method, that student will then be sent an email with instructions of how to create their critviz account and log into the class. 

Batch Enrollment: The instructor can upload a .csv text file with a list of students, and all of these people will be sent email instructions and be given enrollment access to the class. The text file needs to be plain text and conform to a simple format. Each line of this text file needs to have the first name, last name, and email address of the student to be added, separated by commas.